30 Days to Be Happy Always

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A PROGRAM DESIGNED to increase your everyday happiness, not let negativity pull you down and bring your relationships to the next level.

We all have bad days, we face challenges and we get frustrated and angry.

Our happiness can be affected by so many things: stress, negativity, bad habits, anger - but it doesn't have to be this way. It's what we do when we're faced with challenges that determines how happy we are.

This program was created by me and it contains the exact steps and methods of what I do to be happy, always. Over the 30 days, you will create the positive changes you want for your relationships and develop the ability to combat any negativity that comes your way.

This program will help you if you want to:

  • Be a better person for the people you love - to be a better mother, daughter, wife, son, husband, father, partner
  • Let go of anger easily and remain positive during stressful times
  • Not let negativity pull you down, or let other people's negativity affect you
  • Gain more confidence in yourself and better opportunities at work and in your social life

"Happiness is not just a feeling; creating happiness is a skill, and all skills can be developed. These skills will help you overcome any challenges in life."


Learn, practice and adopt the 7 Key Positive Actions to creating your happiness.

  • Creating Positivity Through Your Tone
  • Say Something Nice
  • Have The Giver And Not The Receiver Mindset
  • Be Grateful For The Small Things
  • Checking Your Weather Report
  • ‘If Only’ Versus ‘At Least’
  • Don’t Give Your Power Away


Work on your self-awareness and your state of mind, focusing on the habits that you want to change.

  • Assessing & Expressing Gratitude
  • The Frequency of Negative Thoughts
  • Giving Warmth First
  • The Power of Your Thoughts
  • Your Autopilot Tone
  • Be In The Driver’s Seat
  • The Energy You Bring



Build loving relationships with people important to you.

  • Conveying Through Tone of Voice
  • The Perspective of Gratitude
  • Verbalising Your Emotions
  • Your Habitual Vibe
  • Focusing On The Positive
  • Empower What Brings Positivity
  • Give To Receive



Learn powerful philosophies crucial to your happiness and success in life, relationships and work.

  • Rise Above Negative Emotions
  • Let Go of Expectations
  • Be Open, Not Closed
  • Don’t Take Things Personally
  • Act, Don’t React
  • Focus On The Objective
  • Let It Go

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the program delivered to me?
A downloadable link to all the course materials will be sent to your email address.

Can the program be viewed on a smartphone?
Yes, it can. You will need a desktop or laptop computer to download and unzip the file, and in our email there will be instructions on how to get the files to your phone.

Do I have to do the program consecutively for 30 days?
The program works best if you do it consecutively for 30 days, but if you happen to forget, or have days where you’re too busy to watch the video or complete the worksheet, it’s not a problem. I would recommend that if you skip a day, just continue practicing the actions from the day before and pick it up again the next day in the morning.

Is the program in English?
Yes, the program is in English.

Can I buy this as gift for someone else?
Yes! In the checkout cart, you can gift the program to someone by putting in their email address.

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A happiness course designed by Xandria Ooi to increase your everyday happiness, not let negativity pull you down and bring your relationships to the next level. Includes downloadable videos, worksheets and images.

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30 Days to Be Happy Always

0 ratings
I want this!